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The Deity Of Christ on Trial

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Jesus Testimony to His Deity:
Chapter 1: Jesus’ claims to be equal with the Father. 
Chapter 2: Jesus the Great “I AM”. 
Chapter 3: Jesus’ claims to be sufficient to all man’s need.

Section 2: The Disciples’ testimony to the deity of Jesus:
Chapter 4: John’s references to Jesus as God
Chapter 5: Paul’s references to Jesus as God
Chapter 6: Other disciples’ references to Jesus as God
Chapter 7: Scriptures that implies his deity

Section 3: Jesus’ equality with the Father:
Chapter 8: Jesus has the attributes of God
Chapter 9: Jesus does the works of God
Chapter 10: Jesus receives Glory as God
Chapter 11: Jesus: God’s co-equal joint

Section 4: The Old Testament’s testimony to the Deity of Jesus:
Chapter 12: Scriptures that implies the divinity of the Messiah
Chapter 13: The Angel of the Lord in the OT

Section 5: Jesus the Son of God:
Chapter 14: Who called Jesus the Son of God
Chapter 15: The eternal generation of the Son. Is that a biblical doctrine? 
Chapter 16: The relationship between the Father and the Son
Chapter 17: God the Son vs. the Son of God: the meaning of the Son of God

Section 6: The dual nature of the Lord Jesus:
Chapter 18: The humanity of the Lord Jesus
Chapter 19: Jesus: fully God and fully man

Section 7: Scriptures that challenge the deity of Christ:
Chapter 20: How can Jesus be God if there is only one God the Father?
Chapter 21: How can Jesus be God if he said that he is not God?
Chapter 22: How can Jesus be God if he called God “my God?”

Final Conclusion: Evaluating the evidences; can one say that Jesus is God?

Appendix: God came near