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Is there evidence for God?



1) Creation:

Any design indicates that there is a designer. The more complex the design,  the more complex the designer is.  We have no problem accepting that as a rule that we apply to everything we see in life. Creation is no different. The complex creation indicates that there is a intelligent creator behind it.

2) Conscious:

Abiogenesis and evolution have no explanation for our conscious. Where did it come from? Why do we feel guilt when we cheat?  Why do we have joy when we help others?  Where do our intelligence and feelings come from?  Where does our moral compass come from?  Why do we think that you should be faithful in marriage?  The list goes on.

3) Prophecies:

Let us just look at one example; In the Old Testament, there are 365 prophecies that were fulfilled in Christ in the New Testament.  If there is no God, how could the Old Testament prophecies detail the life and death of Christ hundreds of years before He was born?

4) Miracles:

The countless millions of miracles, healings, and changed lives are proof not only that God exists, but that He is personal and approachable.