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How Can I Study The Bible?


There are many ways to study the Bible. Any Bible student should have a balanced approach to the Bible that should include all these ways:

1) Read

We need to know the Bible, know the stories, the people, where are the verses…etc. That is why we need to keep reading the Bible over and over. If you spend an average of about 20 minutes a day, you can read through the whole Bible in one year.

Please visit this great interactive webpage where you can test your reading speed and find out a reading plan, and how long will it take you every day to read through the Bible in a year.

Another great way to know the Bible is to listen to it while driving or while waiting in line or doing errands…etc.  If you have a smart phone, there are apps available for free to download that will provide you with an audio version of the Bible.   (Youversion; 

2) Devotion

The Bible is not just information. It is the life-giving word of God. So we must allow the Bible to speak to us.

Please start your devotional time with prayer that the Lord would open your eyes to understand the scriptures. Psalm 119:18

There are many ways to do your daily devotions. One method is the ABC Bible Study

A. Analysis of the passage:
Read the passage or chapter through, find out the main points, how this passage relates to the larger context, answer the questions how, what, when, where.
B. Best verse in the Passage:
Choose the verse that impacted you the most, memorize it, and mediate on it.
C. Commitment:
What does the Lord want me to do in response to this passage? A sin to forsake? A promise to claim? A change in attitude or behavior?

3) Study

There are many tools to study the Bible in depth. Here are some examples:

Commentaries: You can use commentaries to have an in depth analysis of the Bible.
Cross references: This is when you connect different verses together.
Dictionaries: Dictionaries ffer Biblical definitions and topical analysis.
Lexicons: They offer in depth word analysis from the original Greek and Hebrew.

Many of these resources are available for free online:

A Great Free New Testament Commentary is available on this website:

4) Memorize:

We need to memorize the scriptures. You can memorize the one verse that the Lord uses to speak to you in your devotion, or you can memorize some verses and passages systematically.  The Bible talks a lot about meditating on the Word.   Some ways you can memorize is to post scripture on post it notes or 3x5 cards around your home, where you see it often.   There are also apps that can help you with memorization, if you find that you need a little bit more help on the memorization front.  (Bible Memory; Fighter Verses;  Verses -Bible Memory)  It is also key to really study the verses or passage that you are memorizing.  If you understand it, you are better able to remember it.