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Evolution: Is it Possible?



Evolution states, “As random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival -- a process known as "natural selection." These beneficial mutations are passed on to the next generation. Over time, beneficial mutations accumulate and the result is an entirely different organism (not just a variation of the original, but an entirely different creature). - Read more... 

Problems with Evolution:

My goal is not to list every single problem with evolution. I am just going to list a few.  I have also included some links to other websites along the way that do a fantastic job of further explaining. 

1) Microbiology: Evolution’s nightmare.

The thought behind evolution is that life was a simple uni-cell in the beginning. This “simple” life kept evolving over billions of years to a more complex species.  A look at the cell destroys this theory. Protein synthesis, DNA replication, energy formation, etc, are far more complex processes than any machine man has ever made.

2) Evolution and the dilemma of Sex:


3) Symbiosis – A challenge to evolution?


4) Mutation is not evolution.

Sickle cell mutation is used as an evidence for evolution.The problem is after the mutation, the sickle cell is still one cell.  It didn’t evolve to a different species.  Mutation, or microevolution, among organisms is well observed.  but it doesn’t indicate that evolution, or macroevolution, is feasible.

5) Natural Selection explains the survival of the species not the arrival of the species.

“Natural selection serves as a means of conservation, not one of creation. It explains survival of a species, not arrival of a species. Here's an illustration: You work in a car factory. Your job is quality control - make sure the cars work like they are supposed to. You kick the tires and slam the doors, drive the cars around, etc. You identify and remove defects (an arbitrary selection with the same final result as natural selection). How long would it take for this selection process to turn one of those cars into an airplane naturally over time? It won't happen. "Natural selection may have a stabilizing effect, but it does not promote speciation [the arrival of a new species]. It is not a creative force as many people have suggested.”

How about the evidence for evolution?

How about The Fossil evidence?