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Divorce and Remarriage



Divorce is never commanded in the scriptures but allowed in two instances: 

1- For sexual immoraity Matt. 5:31-31, 19:1-11; Mark. 10:1-10; Luke 16:18. 

2- If an unbeliving spouse departs the believer 1 Cor. 7:15. While divorce isn't explicitly mentioned here. It is fair to assume that divorce could be a possibility. 


Remarriage is never commanded in the scriptures but allowed in two instances: 

1- If sexual immorality broke the first marriage, then only the innocent spouse is permitted to remarry Matt. 5:31-31, 19:1-11; Mark. 10:1-10; Luke 16:18. Remarrriage for the innocent spouse is not clearly taught here but implied. Some Bible commantators and scholars don't see that the biblical text in the previous refrences permit for remarriage for the innocent spouse. In the Christian and Missionary Alliance we disagree with that interpretation. 

2- In the case of the death of one of the spouses Romans 7:2. 


The Bible never endorses any sort of abuse in a marriage. An abused spouse should never put up with any sort of verbal, physical, or emotional abuse.

Abuse demands separation.  If there is abuse in the marriage, then the abused spouse should separate and pray till the abusive spouse heart change through genuine repentance so that the marriage can be saved. But abuse isn’t a biblical ground for divorce.

For further study, please read: 

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