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We have ended our year and a half long series, "Shadows of Golgotha" and we are so excited to start our new series, "The Supremacy of Christ:  Studies in Hebrews."   Our hope through the preaching of Shadows of Golgotha was that you would see the CROSS throughout the Old Testament. 


Pastor Hanna is so excited to delve into the rich book.  We know that you will be richly blessed by the Word of God, and we pray that this will strengthen your faith and that you will grow as we together seek more and more of Christ through the study of this book.


We will also be using the book "The Expositor's Bible Commentary: Hebrews*James" by Leon Morris and Donald Burdick, to aid in our understanding of this deep book.  The church has extra copies, so if you are in need of one, let Pastor Kamy or Katrina know.